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Matt Paint

Acrylic paint in which high-quality acrylic resins were used as a binder, and alcohol was used as a solvent. Therefore, it can be said to be an alcohol-based paint. It was placed in a glass container with a round base with a volume of 10 ml with a screw cap made of plastic. Due to the relatively large diameter of the base, it is stable on the worktop. It will prove useful in the case of painting especially soft plastics (e.g. polystyrene), but also styrene resins, polystyrene or wood. It is fantastic for working with an airbrush, and with proper dilution, it can also be used when working with a brush. When painting with a brush, it is recommended to use those with natural bristles (for example:PREMIUM SIBERIAN KOLINSKY BRUSH – 1 ,High Grade Pointed Brush Sml - DC719 orHG Flat Brush - Small ). Due to its chemical composition, the use of such brushes will not lead to faster wear of their bristles. Of course, as with any other brush-applied paint, it is recommended to apply 2-3 thin layers rather than 1 thick layer. Before opening it (especially the first one!), It is recommended to mix it well, so that all its ingredients (i.e. pigment, binder and solvent) are combined with each other. 30-45 seconds may be taken as the minimum mixing time. As with many other paints, it is recommended to apply it to a model surface that is dry and preferably degreased as well. It is assumed that the time of its complete drying on the surface of a plastic model is from 2 h to 4 h, depending on the ambient temperature and the thickness of the applied layer. It is also worth adding that using the so-called retarder (especiallyPaint Retarder (Acrylic) ), you can slow down the drying time, and thus give it more time to properly "settle" on the model. The chemical substance in question is characterized by a wide range of possible diluents: from water, through high-percentage alcohols, to special liquids dedicated for this purpose. However, it should be pointed out that excessive use of water can significantly reduce its adhesion to the surface, and in extreme cases, lead to the drying of the paint falling off the model. However, the use is a much more advantageous solution Tamiya products dedicated for this purpose, such as:X-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych ,X-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych orX-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych . When preparing the paint for airbrush work, dilute it in the proportion 1:10, that is, for 1 part of the thinner mentioned above, use 10 parts of the paint. It is also worth adding that a great solution for diluting the discussed paint will be the use of Mr. Hobbies (Gunze Sangyo) agent.T-108 Leveling Thinner orT-106 Mr. Color Leveling Thinner . Its use will delay its drying, as well as significantly improve its adhesion to the substrate. It is best to mix the paint in question and any of the above-mentioned thinners in a paint tray (for example:18 Well Palette for Brush Painting (5pcs.) ,Paleta do mieszania farb 18x8,5cm orAkrylowa Paleta do Malowania ). Of course, the presented paint, like other acrylic paints, can be successfully used when working with the so-called a wet palette - such as:Moisture-Retaining Palette For Acrylic Paints orWET PALETTE . The use of such a tool will significantly extend the working time - even up to several hours. However, after completing the painting with the paint in question, it is recommended to wipe the cap of the container with a paper towel or cloth in order to remove the excess paint and only then close it carefully. On the other hand, cleaning of the tools can be performed with ordinary tap water or - in the case of larger dirt - with specialized liquids, such as, for example:CLEANER (100ml) orPERFECT CLEANER . It is also worth mentioning that the Tamiya company has developed a specialized workplace, i.e.Work Station w/Magnifying Lens , dedicated for use, inter alia, with the substance in question. Undoubtedly, the presented modeling paint is a product very high quality - one of the best currently available on the market in its category.

Tamiya acrylic paints are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush painting or air-brushing. These paints can be used on styrene resins, Styrofoam, wood, plus all of the common model plastics. The paint covers well, flows smoothly, and can be blended easily. Prior to curing, paint can be washed away with plain water.

When airbrushing make sure to use any of the following Tamiya X-20A Acrylic thinners: X-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych, X-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych, X-20A Acrylic Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych or X-20A Acrylic Mini Thinner / Rozcieńczalnik do farb akrylowych 

The "X" designated colors have a glossy finish while "XF" designated colors are flat finish. The paint can be thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya X-20A Acrylic thinner. The paint can be also thinned for airbrushing using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner (Lacquer Thinner) Using Tamiya Lacquer Thinner will yield faster drying results and a harder finish.For better paint brushing results use Tamiya Paint Retarder (Paint Retarder (Acrylic)) for a smoother brushstroke free finish.

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